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As a serial entrepreneur, Andrea gets great enjoyment from starting new, successful companies. In late 2016, she began scouting for a new market to get involved in. This led her to the US cannabis industry, where she got the idea of starting her own US CBD brand.

Andrea had identified a huge gap in the US cannabis market. Medical marijuana was already dominated by several powerful brands, and the room for growth in that space was limited. However, there was a great deal of opportunity in the CBD sector. Most US-based CBD firms were producing low quality products, and customers throughout the country were deeply dissatisfied with what they were getting. Combined with a rapidly-growing customer base, this was a golden opportunity for a sharp entrepreneur.

Andrea spent the next year and a half doing her homework. She studied the US hemp market, learning everything she needed to know about regulation, marketing, and manufacturing the products. She didn’t just want to be a “pot dealer”. She wanted to run the best CBD brand in the US market. She knew CBD worked, and states many of her family members saw noticeable changes upon implementing CBD into their lifestyle.

When she was convinced she knew enough to be successful, Andrea founded Anise CBD with a product range consisting of CBD oil, CBD gummies, CBD cream and Beverages. Since the company’s founding, it’s grown into a multi-million dollar player in less than a year – an incredible feat for a completely new brand. 

In addition to his role at Anise CBD, she still remains active at Dream VC Brands, where she manages several client relationships and day to day operations. As the COVID-19 pandemic drives further growth in the ecommerce sector, Andrea plans to continue investing in digital marketing and sales.

To stay in touch with Andreas’ latest updates, follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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