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CBD industry grows each day. Today you can find CBD & hemp not only in your chocolate, tea or candy but in your beauty products as well.

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Our mission is to provide high quality CBD and hemp products to customers with a service they can trust. Anise was built on the core values of customer service and the highest standards of quality, honesty, integrity and community outreach.We aim to provide a convenient service for customers who would rather have quality products conveniently delivered to their home versus abroad.


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CBD Essentials

Discover The ManyBenefits of CBD Oils. Our Products Are Legal, Safe And Effective.

Fresh Hemp

At the Anise Store, our main priority is your health. We know that if you have decided to look into the benefits of hemp, it is because you are searching for relief.

Tablets & Soft Gels

All of our brands are thoroughly vetted to ensure that you have only the cleanest, most effective CBD, CBG, CBN & DELTA-8 THC products to choose from.

Educational Materials

We provide complimentary virtual consultations to those looking to add CBD into their daily life.

Infused Foods

When it comes to choosing an infused beverage, we have a wide array of options depending on your state's laws.


We offer our patients private consultation with a cannabis friendly doctor either in person or via Telemedicine.


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What are the features of cannabis packaging?

All cannabis products must be packaged in an immediate container. Some products may also have an outer container in addition to the immediate container, while other products may have shrink wraps or wrappers (e.g., foil wrappers around chocolate).

How do I contact the Producer of my product?

Please email customerservice@anise.store

Can I recycle my packaging?

Keeping recyclable waste out of the landfill is one important way to protect the environment. Cannabis products come in many types of packaging, and it’s not always clear if they can be recycled. Always make sure your packaging is clean before recycling!


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